Iran, Russia and China: Is there a ‘new Mongolian empire’ on the horizon?

Vladimir Pachkov, SJ

 Vladimir Pachkov, SJ / Economics / 26 October 2021

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Thomas Flichy de La Neuville’s book Chine, Iran, Russie: un nouvel empire mongol? was published in 2013.[1] At the time the question was largely hypothetical. Today it appears to be a real possibility, particularly after China and Iran signed a treaty on April 27, 2021, firming the bilateral relations between these three Asian powers as they develop a triangular relationship.
Underpinning it are both mutual interests and resistance against common adversaries. The sheer weight of all three countries – China, Iran, and Russia – makes it inevitable that the fate of Eurasia will be determined by such an alliance. This constellation deserves some consideration, not least as it is reminiscent of the ancient Mongol empire that dominated Eurasia for at least a century. That empire consisted of three different but interconnected powers : the Yuan dynasty in China, the Golden Horde in the region of present-day Russia, and the Khanate of Persia.
Here we do not intend to discuss the shift of power toward Asia, and, in particular, toward Asia’s largest country, something that will certainly determine the future, at least that of Eurasia.  

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