Marc Rastoin, SJ

Professor at the Pontifical Biblical Institute of Rome


Mary Magdalene is a key figure in early Christianity. Present in the four Gospels, she occupies a unique position, being a privileged witness to the resurrection. The East loves to call her “apostle of the apostles.” Tradition very quickly made her, especially after the fourth century, a sinner and a prostitute, identifying her with anonymous… Read the full article


It has been said that the 19th century saw the rise of the novel as a major art form, whereas the 20th century saw that of the cinema. Could we one day say that the 21st century was the turn of the television series or  Who knows! For the last twenty years or so they… Read the full article


For decades now the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been in the news and on our minds. It is certainly not the most harrowing conflict that humanity has known since the end of the Second World War, nor is it the most deadly or atrocious. Nevertheless, countless pages of geopolitical reflection and narrative have been written about… Read the full article


The Covid-19 crisis has brought to the fore a key question of recent years. It is the crucial question for Western European countries: Is there still a future for the European Union? For this Union that gives weight and backbone to a hard-to-define geographical Europe? One can almost hear the words that the Lord spoke… Read the full article


Imagine the coming into the world today of a man who could be considered by some as a messiah, Al-Masih, the envoy of God. In the age of the internet, the mobile phone and globalization, how would we account for the coming of such an extraordinary man? This is the task undertaken by the producers… Read the full article


Fernando Meirelles, the Brazilian director who became famous with the film City of God in 2002, loves transforming literary works into cinema. His latest, The Two Popes, is an adaption made in collaboration with the author of the play The Pope, Anthony McCarten, who also wrote The Pope: Francis, Benedict and the Decision that Shook… Read the full article


The seriousness of the ecological crisis that the planet is experiencing stimulates the creativity of authors and screenwriters, and pushes our thinkers and philosophers to decisively address the issues it raises. There is nothing new about the prospect of a probable end of humanity at a more or less distant moment in time. It will… Read the full article


Svetlana Alexievich, a Belarusian investigative journalist and historian, received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2015. Her most important books are in fact not works of fiction, but the processing of hundreds of patiently collected testimonies of ordinary people: the testimony of women who served in the Great Patriotic War, the Second World War[1]; those… Read the full article

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